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Who We Are

Kwizi stands for Quick and Easy. We've made the whole process of searching, buying, holding and selling a property very simple and transparent. This allows any contributors, whether seasoned investors or rookies, feel comfortable with their decisions. Reach out to us for the current projects. 

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Reasons to become a part of Kwizi Rent LLC:

  • Become an active member of the LLC and contribute to the decission making.
  • Diversify your portfolio with real estate investments.
  • Invest into a particular project, which you can choos based on estimated financial parameters.
  • Receive dividends while your money generates equity in properties.

How it Works



 The applicants fill out the form with their status and financial information. Additionally, the background check is conducted to reveal credit, rental and criminal history. If everything is clear, the maximum allowed price of a single-family home is established and discussed.  



 According to the established search criteria, Kwizi Rent helps the applicants with their path to find the dream home, which is consequently purchased by the company and rented back to the applicants. At this moment the applicants become the tenants. If needed, they may receive a credit restoration person assigned to them. 



 After holding period expires (typically 2-3 years), the tenants obtain a mortgage loan and purchase the property back from Kwizi Rent. The accumulated rental income is distributed among the investors quarterly, while the final realized gain is disbursed at the property sale.